Uploading tips

I’m uploading organizations and people and I have multiline addresses. The secret is to use CHAR(10) if you’re on a PC or CHAR(13) if you are on a Mac to create the line break in the cell. For example


1 Address line1 line2
2 =A2 & CHAR(13) & B2 123 Main Street Apartment 12

The API on the other hand encodes those as “\n” since its JSON.

Locations are fun since there’s no way to manage them directly. Definitely no REST endpoint. You create them when you create the organization. If you use the API you can provide the ID of an existing location. But no way I can see to upload a location ID.


Backstop User’s Group First Post

My company just signed up with Backstop and we already have questions that one would typically look to a user’s group for. A Google search produced no results so I decided to create one.

We are a small angel fund with a bit of an odd co-investment model. We are building our own front end dashboard for our investors so we will be using the API very extensively. One of our first projects is a Rails gem that wraps both the Rest and SOAP APIs.